Hat’s off to the DNT

After 30 years in Alaska, in 2005 Kathy and I decided to re-locate to the “lower 48.”  We had a set of criteria for evaluating our choice that included, a strong university influence, clean air, abundant fresh water, some wilderness close by, a vibrant arts scene and a good community newspaper.

We looked the Oregon coast and Southwest over very closely and neither of us had much interest in the Twin Cities again even though Minneapolis was my home town.  We didn’t have all that much trouble finally deciding to move 1500 miles south in order to be “up north” in Duluth.

Just after settling in, we both thought the Duluth News Tribune was really a good paper for the size of the community.   But for awhile shortly thereafter, it seemed to slip substantially which was disappointing and irritating.

However, for what it’s worth, the paper seems to have rallied and is right up there again in my opinion.  Glad you’re back!