Playing With Fire While Ignoring The Real Problems

Many in America seem to have a general disregard for law and order.  Most disturbing, however, is when our highest level public servants disregard fundamental provisions of the most important document ever written, our Constitution, (which they all swore to protect, preserve and defend prior to actually being installed in their jobs).

Too frequently it seems, the higher up the political or military ladder some are, the greater is their tendency to believe that the principles, ideas and legislative intent of provisions in our constitution don’t pertain to them.  They design cockamamie and elaborate explanations to convince the rest of us that their disregard is justified and for the good of the country.

Many of us know that cardinal provisions of the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th and 14th amendments have been dishonored and damaged by our leaders in the last 60 years, thereby unnecessarily and recklessly diminishing our country.

Almost all the “gun control” measures being proposed will start the dismantling of the 2nd amendment which I believe amounts to playing with fire.  If the 2nd amendment falls, I fear America might be done.  These proposed gun control measures will do nothing to ameliorate the real problems that are undeniably tied to and ignite violence in the country.

Specifically, the main problem resulting in despair and a sense of desperation prompting almost all the violence is debt.  Wide spread personal debt, most cities and states on the verge of bankruptcy along with our national debt of over 16 trillion dollars causes poverty, inadequate distribution of physical health care, meager mental health treatment opportunities, foreclosures, high unemployment, ballooning prison populations, anxiety and frustration giving rise to anger which manifests itself in violence.  And what is it that is causing this crushing debt destroying all aspects of our society?

Some of us know the answer to that as well.  There is only one fundamental cause and that is the unconstitutional Federal Reserve banking system, which by utilizing the three main frauds of fractional reserve lending, compound interest and the government debt bonding process results in the relentless transferring of virtually all wealth from the entrapped 99% at the bottom into the pockets of the less than 1% at the economic top of our society.  This leaves too many of us, along with government at all levels, broke.  Consequently, individually we are hampered in achieving our potential and government is rendered unable to perform necessary functions.

The term “shall not be infringed” in the second amendment means exactly that and simply cannot be fooled with frivolously or in some heat of passion fired by the recent abhorrent mass shootings which are very rare.  The literal interpretation along with the legislative intent of individual aspects of our constitution are not obscure and this most important document was designed to be difficult to modify.  If changed at all, changes can only occur in concert with the procedures prescribed in the constitution itself in Article V.

Most citizens either lost the knowledge or never knew that neither statutes, regulations nor executive orders purporting to substantially change basic notions, protections and rights in our constitution are invalid on their face.

Among other things, winning our revolutionary war resulted in the “Bill of Rights” specifically enacted and incorporated into our constitution to protect the citizens who own this country from government, not the other way around.

Finally, I know something of the frauds of our banking system along with alternatives which would force no one or any government jurisdiction into inescapable crushing debt as is now the case.  Only congress has the power to do the right thing and rescind the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 thereby starting the process of bringing our banking system in the USA back into compliance with our constitution.

In the past, I have offered to meet with any of our legislative contingent any time they are in Duluth to help get them up to speed on the mechanics and mathematically unavoidable outcomes of the enslaving frauds of our banking system and discuss some debt free and inflation free financing alternatives.  Our constitution mandates that congress alone shall “coin” our money, regulate its value and provide for the punishment of counterfeiting the securities and current coin of the United States and counterfeiting is precisely what our banking system is doing. My offer is still on the table and now expanded to include discussions about gun control and the 2nd amendment before our leaders do something ill-advised that could harm our country.

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One thought on “Playing With Fire While Ignoring The Real Problems

  1. Excellent article. Monetizing the debt by creating and printing, or counterfeiting, new dollars will eventually debase those currently held in savings and equity accounts. Each new earned dollar will have less purchasing power as our wealth is lost through inflation. Those first in line to receive the new money will gain by using it to acquire durable commodities, agricultural lands, food and energy distribution, and gold. Those last in line, the middle class, will be wiped out. Those who are already at the bottom of the economic ladder are barely held in place by profligate government spending in order to ensure their constituency at the polls.

    The runaway horse of government spending beyond its means is enabled by the counterfeiting from the FED, which holds the mortgage against the US Corp., all our persons, and all our property. Repossession is through overt taxation, insidious inflation, and finally by martial laws, whose legal groundwork has been laid via recent executive orders.

    The groundwork to cope with civil unrest, sure to follow worthless money and manufactured food shortage, has been laid since 1984, an interesting Orwellian number, along with plans for the federal takeover of local governments, in spite of protests from elected sheriffs. The disclosure of their fraud to the masses by the expansion of the internet has forced the elites to accelerate our unsustainable path towards chaos, then world order. Their only remaining obstacle is the belief on the part of millions of US citizens in the second amendment.

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