Obamacare will bankrupt America?

The idea that Obamacare (Universal Health Care) will bankrupt the United States has been trumpeted recklessly, disingenuously or without a sufficient understanding of the issues by a tragically large portion of Americans.  This idea is absolute nonsense for at least two reasons.  The first reason is related to too many of us losing our moral compass and the second is related to a brainwashing of our citizens.

Our wars in Korea, Vietnam, two times in Iraq and in Afghanistan clearly indicate we have lost our moral compass.  All were elective wars, none ever included physical attacks on American soil by a foreign military unit and none were “declared” as is required by our Constitution.

Our Constitution at Article 1, Section 8, clause 11 states that Congress “shall” have power “To declare War,….”  It does not read “may” have power “To declare War,…”  We haven’t had a Constitutionally authorized war since World War II in the 1940’s.  But we have allowed tens of thousands of our best to die fighting on foreign soil since then and ten times that many of our own wounded.  We have killed many hundreds of thousands of citizens in those other countries and squandered trillions of dollars, much of which was borrowed money.  Yet we can’t afford Obamacare for our own citizens?  Who are the fools that are saying this or believe it?

This squandered money did nothing but fuel an increasingly lavish party for the military/industrial complex, the development of which President Eisenhower warned us about in 1960, as he left office after having served eight years.  We need to re-calibrate our moral compass, face up to the magnitude of our worldwide unjustifiable military aggression, pray to be forgiven for it, and redirect most of that military spending to benefiting our own citizens, including funding Obamacare.

The brainwashing of us all is the second reason for the proliferation of the idea that Obamacare will bankrupt America.  Please see “The Rule Book: Part 2” posted October 21, 2012, on this blog for a little stage-setting background.

Specifically, for the past several generations in America, there has been an escalating effort on the part of the bankers to seduce Americans to be comfortable in accepting that our Federal Reserve banking system is the only banking system possible and that it is the natural way of things. This would include accepting it’s enslaving outcome, that results from nothing more than a well-camouflaged set of schemes to transfer whatever wealth most of us at the bottom have, into the pockets of the few at the top.

We do not need to borrow money at interest to operate our government: a practice that has resulted in a $16 trillion national debt.  We have, as a country through the Constitutional mandate to Congress, the absolute authority to create our own money and spend it directly into the economy without borrowing a nickel.

Obamacare will bankrupt America?  No, not even close!  The Federal Reserve Bank itself has almost bankrupted America already.  The sooner we dissolve the Federal Reserve Bank, the better.

Ken Kollodge




3 thoughts on “Obamacare will bankrupt America?

  1. Very well written! I will submit first, that the declaration “shall have the power…” is correctly written. While it doesn’t mean that we should enter into all of our battles, it does give those the authority (sadly). Our military is also the reason why many of these other countries have been able to enjoy socialized medicine. Australia is a great example, since we are building a huge military base there. The Aussies have medical provided by the government, however, are concerned about their welfare with a growing threat from China. Who do they call on? Many of the worlds’ inhabitants have socialized medicine, with the same exact military in place…ours.

    The main reason why we have spent so much on military, is because we have had a fascination with being tough. A lot of countries have decided to become friends with us, because of our might. Might does not make right…although, it does make ‘right’. LoL Our perception (incorrectly) is that Republicans want more military than Democrats (in congress), however, the records show almost no difference in the two parties, and in some cases, we have seen Democrats willing to spend more on military than the other idiots.

    Medicare? Affordable Healthcare Act (ObamaCare), does take some pot shots at Medicare. While there are only 7 million people using Medicare Advantage, it is important to those using it. Also, the main players in the Medicare Part D, are companies offering Medicare Advantage. The reduction of MA by 14% (2014, January 1st), will be a knockout punch to MA. Republicans have liked MA and Democrats don’t want to privatize Medicare at all…a shame that most of my clients are Democrat, and will be voting tomorrow, to continue toward it’s demise…and therefor will be paying approximately $110/month more for future coverage.

    We spend far too much on military. Many nations want us to keep being that foolish, yet pay us very little to protect them…because it isn’t important often enough….while it is increasingly important to have ‘Affordable Healthcare’.

    My feelings? We should stop policing the world. We can afford health care. We cannot afford our unhealthy life styles, lack of affordable health care, and crazy spending on military.

  2. Adam,

    Well, what a thoughtful, well constructed, serious and time consuming comment you prepared. The many contributions on profound issues like what I tried to subtly and clearly raise in this post do need the attention of the thinkers like you of which there are many sleeping or intimidated out there. As a Well-Informed, Viscously Patriotic Rationalist, I wish many more would have the courage like you to engage. Thank you.

    Ultimately, the curious (basically those who have been identified as committing the “original sin”) will gradually move societies forward. It, however, is discouraging at times to have to drag all that dead weight of the superstitious along. Maybe that’s the plague needed to be born by the intellectually and more evolved human.


  3. I wish it were that simple. Although we are breaking through with ever-advancing technology, the bulk of our (entire human) population is fairly non-intelligent, and wholly uneducated. If we stand back and hope that diplomacy will prevail, it is like sticking our fingers in our ears. To most of the planet’s inhabitants, we sound pompous and weak, when we try to reason with stupidity…it seems the only way we can get any respect, is to show our guns off publicly.

    Flip-side? We cannot afford to provide for US all, and keeping showing shiny guns off…so it feels the inevitable compromise is looming.

    It would seem much more humane, to run ourselves out of money, in trying to assist the maximum amount of people…instead of going bankrupt with gun purchases. It is difficult to explain this to an idiot, but we have to keep trying.

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