Mitt – Champ or Chump?

Mitt Romney, the chosen Republican presidential candidate for 2012, has said many times in the last several weeks things that I would like to re-familiarize all of us with.

He’s said that there are 23 million (23,000,000) Americans “out-of-work” that would take a job if one was offered.  He has also said that he has a “plan” to create 12 million (12,000,000) new jobs (I hope here in America, not in China) in his first 4 years if elected president.  For the moment I’m wiling to take him at his word.  Wouldn’t it be just grand if he could create those 12 million new jobs in his first 4 years as president?  Even though we have never been provided with details about this 12 million new jobs plan of Romney’s, for now, let’s just presume he has a fool proof idea how to “Get’ er Done.”

Obama, on the other hand, has not boasted that he has a plan, real or even fictitious, to create that many new jobs in the next 4 years if re-elected.  Let’s analyze this situation.

Mitt Romney was sent to the best schools and got his law degree.  He became a business tycoon and ended up as a state governor and a multimillionaire.  Now, how could someone like this who has been running for the presidency of the United States for six years, right near the end of the campaign, pass up a once-in-a lifetime and delicious opportunity to crush his opponent, Barack Obama?  How could Romney resist, or fail to recognize the opportunity to make a fool of Obama and deliver the knockout punch?   Does Romney have a penchant for self destruction or just not sufficient acumen for self actualization?

Here’s what I’m getting at.  Point one, presuming that Romney is right that there are 23 million Americans who would take a job if one was available and presuming that Romney does, in fact, have a plan to create 12 million new jobs in his first four years as president, why would he be punishing his fellow out-of-work citizens by not disclosing the details of his plan right now?  So what if Obama even steals his plan late in the game and implements it to accelerate job growth which we so desperately need?  It will still go down as Romney’s great plan that saved the country.  If he really loves his country, the patriotic thing to do is for Romney to tell us about this plan now rather than waiting for even the next few days or worse yet, until after he might be sworn in on January 20th.  What is the excuse for holding back?  Is there some moral lesson I haven’t yet learned that could justify his not disclosing details about his 12 million job creation plan right now?  What am I missing?

My second, yet related point about our unemployment catastrophe has to do with the corporate cash “sitting on the sidelines.”  I’ve heard estimates that somewhere between 2 and 3 trillion dollars in cash are held by our big American corporations, cash not being used for anything they care to disclose, particularly not new job creation.

There’s a big difference between 2 and 3 trillion of anything but I’ve not heard even one ultra conservative pundit cast doubt on the figure of 2 trillion dollars in cash held by our big corporations. So, I’m willing to go with the low end of the estimate – 2 trillion dollars.

Ok, here’s is a math problem that any of our better American 8th grade students should be able to solve easily and reliably.  Let the calculation begin.

If just 1 trillion of those corporate dollars sitting on the sidelines was put to good use, that is, half of the corporate war-chest of $2 trillion, that still leaves those big corporations with $1 trillion to have fun with.  What would be a one-year average wage of all 23 million workers Romney says are out of work that would take a job if available if we just divided that 23 million workers into half of the cash our American corporations have sitting on the sidelines?

Well, 23 million divided into $1 trillion comes out to an annual salary of $43,478.26 for each of those 23 million workers!  How many of you out there are making $43 thousand per year?  How many of you out there that are making less than $43 thousand per year are planning to vote for Romney?  How many of you out there that are making less than $43,000 per year think that if you put up enough yard signs and attach enough bumper stickers for the Romney/Ryan ticket, then vote for them, they, if they win, will send you a personal invitation to sit and dine with them at the head table?  How many of you understand that Romney is one of those in that corporate group that is sitting on that $2 trillion?  How many of you think that Romney gives a hoot about you?  Do you think you have anything in common with him or that he’s like you in any way whatsoever?

I am baffled.  How did a self destructive mass delusion so successfully overwhelm the good sense of almost half our voters such that a soulless individual like Mitt Romney was ever considered acceptable enough to be placed on the ticket for the presidency of my United States?

Ken Kollodge

7 thoughts on “Mitt – Champ or Chump?

  1. Not surprisingly, you are spot on, Ken.

    A couple days ago when it came out that Mitty’s campaign had spent $5000 to buy stuff that folks could pick up and then “donate” for the cameras at his I’m-trying-to-look-presidential “disaster relief rally” my wife said to me “Y’know, he’d have probably gotten some positive press if he’d have just gotten out his personal checkbook and written a check to the Red Cross for five million…”. That might actually have done some GOOD.

    It boggles my mind that there are ANY Americans (who aren’t part of the 1%) who think this lying rich guy is gonna do anything positive for them.

    The wife says that if Romney gets in, she’s flying our U.S. flag upside down for his entire term.

    Here’s to a right side up flag at my house!

  2. Excellent article but shouldn’t be baffling. Mitt is perfect puppet for those same corporations, he’s one of them. There not only is no job plan but what he’s proposed for economy is to do not just exactly what caused the meltdown, but more of it, and people are buying his lies and falsehoods. He’s lied about everything. I’m baffled how after all our economy has gone through, that anyone would support the exact same type of Republican whose touting the exact same policies that repeatedly have harmed our economy. Continuation of tax breaks to wealthy, further cutting revenue by a 20% tax cut across the board and increased DOD spending, it’s the plan for economic armagedon. Reganonics never worked, not even for Reagan, he had to have 11 tax hikes and double the DOD spending to create jobs and blew up the deficit and had to extent the debt ceiling three times.

    I am baffled how someone that we know through factcheck lied 27 times in 38 minutes of speaking in a Presidential debate is declared by ANYONE as the winner of that debate! I’m baffled that someone is so close to Presidency that has so much support when is also documented he repeatedly lies and in fact one source claims they’ve documented him lying 533 times in just last 30 weeks!

    I understand why the corporations back him, I understand why corporate media supports him, I understand why the wealthy support him: He’s promised to continue to give them their tax breaks and more of them and to remove more regulations. I don’t understand why anyone not a millionaire or CEO would support a clear sociopathic liar who promises to cause them economic harm, again.

    If he’s elected in few years when in another useless war to keep military spending up and our economy sinks to again stage of virtual collapse, while more are falling below poverty line while the wealthy have continued to increase their wealth, I suspect there will be a lot of baffled people wondering what went wrong.

  3. I’m surprised this many people are gullible enough to think that they still have a choice. Do you think Republicans CHOSE Romney? Do you think you CHOSE Obama??? These candidates are hand-picked by the money people…that want you to think that you have a choice.

    Yes, there were nominations. Who nominated them? You? LoL. Your congress people? LoL.

    Bottom line: If you aren’t voting Independent, then you aren’t voting. The only way you can throw away a vote, is to vote for one of the two big parties. Our Founding Fathers (seems laughable now) wanted to ensure that we didn’t have parties in congress. Why? Because it is this only way to make a 535 person panel act as 2 people. You want to talk about corporations? The parties have become that. Vote with the gang, or you are out.


  4. An excellent article and I agree wholeheartedly. I wish more people down here in Florida would go along with your way of thinking.

  5. I whole heartedly, agree with this article. I would label Mitt Ole Boy as a token Candidate at best! He doesn’t TRULY understand what it means to feel the aches and pains, from putting in a HARD Days work, but to know that the work he did contributed to the FOUNDATION of the Nation! He is so out of touch with the People whose Ancestors built the Country.. The Working “Middle Class” who take pride in what they do, and can feel good when they punch out @ the end of their Shift. If you look closely @ Mitty you can see the “Corporate Puppet Strings” – May God have Mercy on America, if he’s able to buy his way into the White House:(

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