Heaven forbid if Mitt gets in.  I too wish Obama wouldn’t have had to contend with the obstructionist conservatives who apparently joined in lock-step in order to accomplish what Mitch McConnell articulated publicly  (approximate quote) “Our first priority is to make Obama a one term president.”

Did he mean that was more important than the debt crisis, orchestrated foreclosure mess, wall street’s destruction of our economy, the enslavement of us all by the Federal Reserve Banking system,  American corporations sitting on 2-3 trillion dollars in cash and yet creating almost no private sector jobs, most cities and states operating in the red and  property taxes hitting high water marks?  Wow, Mitch, that shows superlative leadership and an outstanding sense of patriotism and love for one’s country and fellow countrymen who are struggling behind the 8 ball.  Really, that’s your first priority??!!

Gee whiz, I long for some of the truly great Republicans to make the choice at least somewhat difficult.  Where are the Lincoln’s, the Teddy Roosevelt’s?   Eisenhower wasn’t all that bad.  I wish Bob Dole was in it and even Barry Goldwater looks pretty good against Mitt.

Ken Kollodge

One thought on “Mitt

  1. Most city and state governments are in the red because of public employee
    pensions and health care benefits that they rarely contribute to. It’s about time
    they join the rest of us in the real world.

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