ex•tort•ion:  “Threatening harm to someone unless they disadvantage themselves by giving in to your demands.”  (well, that’s my definition at least and I think it includes the essential elements of the concept of extortion)

We are all familiar with simple examples like the bully who threatens the little kid on the playground to turn over his lunch money or get a punch in the nose, or the new business who gets a visit from two punks who explain that it will cost $500 per week in cash to buy “protection” so this new business doesn’t burn to the ground.

But there are subtle and camouflaged examples that have crept into our daily lives almost unnoticed and may not leap out as instances of extortion but none the less, they are.  Incidentally, extortion is a crime in all 50 states.

The harm threatened doesn’t necessarily have to be from an act of physical aggression but could be harm resulting from withholding something that without which the other person is likely to be put in jeopardy or kept in pain.

How about this example: on a visit to your medical clinic, while others are impatiently waiting behind you, you are presented with a document which you are prodded to sign without even glancing at it.

This document is a binding contract and includes giving permission to treat you, permission to release your information to health insurance companies and language pertaining to a financial agreement with the clinic.  I’m only concerned with the financial agreement portion here.  It reads:

“I agree to pay (XYZ) Clinics/Hospital for all services provided me by (XYZ) Clinics/Hospital and others for whom (XYZ) Clinics/Hospital collects bills at the regular rates.  This includes services which, for any reason, are not paid by insurance, government programs or other third party sources.  I understand that any self-pay portion of my clinic bill is due upon notification.  Any such self-pay balance remaining unpaid after 30 days will incur a service charge of 1% per month on any principal unpaid balance.  I further agree to pay reasonable attorney’s fees and all costs of collection in the event my account is turned over to an attorney or collection agency.”

Initially, one might see this as customary and innocuous “boiler plate” language for this situation.  But if you question it, you are sometimes given a stern yet vague explanation that it is necessary because, after all, the clinic/hospital has to collect for services rendered in order to keep their doors open.  The clear message is, however, just shut up, sign it, have a seat and wait to be called, right?  Doctors can’t be made to wait because of your frivolous and time-wasting bewilderment about the provisions of this financial agreement.  Anyway, what harm have you been threatened with by this financial portion of the contract?

How about if the clinic/hospital refuses to provide essential, maybe even critical, x-rays or other diagnostic exams or tests unless you sign this?  Well that changes the whole picture doesn’t it?

What if your medical insurance has covered the same types of services now being withheld from you because you refuse to sign the financial portion of this contract as presented and both you as the patient and the clinic have every reason to believe your insurance will come through again but you’re still turned away only because you won’t sign it?  Now this is starting to look not so good for the clinic.

What if, in the past, this same clinic miscoded a test submitted to your insurance who because of the miscoding refused payment and you got billed by the clinic?  What if you then asked this clinic to re-submit the claim and code it correctly and they refused and eventually turned their bill over to a collection agency?  At this point, it would seem you’re unjustly put behind the proverbial 8-ball.

But, what if you had modified the first line of that financial agreement by adding language and had lined out other language to read: “I agree to pay XYZ Clinics/Hospital for all services as approved by patient and provided me….” and crossed out the whole last sentence about attorney’s fees etc?  What if you signed it after those modifications and they accepted it?  Now how does that shake out?

The clinic’s own refusal to stand up, admit their own mistake and re-submit their claim to my insurance under the right coding rendered their bill to me uncollectible.  Why, you might ask?  Because I won’t “approve” their miscoding the exam on their claim to my insurance and I also declined their invitation to be held responsible for their attorney’s or other collection fees by crossing that out.  I then had signed the agreement after modifying it, they accepted it and their claim against me had therefore been rendered toothless.  They were miffed when I pointed this out.

Some may have noticed that there is no differentiation in this financial agreement language between the patient’s obligation to pay attorney’s or collection fees if the patient wins or loses a dispute in court with this clinic.  Even though it is customary that the winner in a civil dispute gets a judgment that includes his costs and fees for the case, sometimes the judge will order that the parties pay their own costs and fees.

With the language in this financial agreement, it looks as though you could win a dispute with the clinic in court over the bill yet mysteriously still be obliged to pay their “reasonable” attorney’s  fees because that’s what you agreed to by signing their financial contract.  The clinic, maybe by using a sleazy attorney, might even get away with a counter-suit and collect their attorney’s fees from you, which could easily exceed the cost of the bill you were relieved of in the first place by winning your case.  Stranger things have happened in our courts!

The 1% per month service charge on any outstanding principal amount of their bill not yet paid equals 12% simple interest per year.  Who wouldn’t be satisfied with half that annual percentage return (6%) on a bank savings account these days?  Is this portion of their agreement a hidden and hoped not-to-be-noticed “side-gouge?”

The clinic demonstrated their irreverence to integrity by not owning up to their own mistakes and as of this writing, now has refused, for the second time, to provide essential services unless I knuckle under and sign their unethical financial contract without modification.  They are demanding I sign and give them what amounts to a “blank check” so they can fill in whatever amount they want later and I’m expected to pay up regardless of the amount and have no recourse if I sign this financial agreement.

Plain and simple, demanding that someone sign this predatory and abusive financial agreement under duress in order to receive medical services is unarguably an act of extortion, a criminal act, that has nothing to do with the Hippocratic Oath nor sound business practices.  Shame on this clinic and any other medical provider that utilizes the same or similar financial agreement language to corner, browbeat, then like common thieves, swindle their customers .


As Good As They Get

Letters published on the Duluth News Tribune’s Opinion pages run the usual gambit from really relevant and well written to silly, poorly reasoned and based on one superstition or another or just plain filled with factual errors.  So, after almost 9 years back in Minnesota, after 30 years in Alaska, we have subscribed to the DNT every inch of the way and I usually hit the opinion section first.

Today, April 16, 2014, I was blown away by Frank Abbott’s published letter in the DNT entitled, ” ‘Financialism’ permitted greatest theft in history.”

It was as good a letter as I’ve seen published in the DNT ever.  It was from first-hand experience dating back to the “Great Depression” of the 1920’s and 1930’s, obviously supplemented by substantial serious study.  Abbott’s conclusions were dead on and need heeding.

I’ll be anxiously waiting to see published replies in the DNT, particularly from any academics, maybe even some reckless enough to send in pompous rejoinders extolling the virtues of the magical “free markets” relying on quotes from vacuous economic superstars like Henry Hazlitt or Milton Friedman.

Abbott’s letter can be found at: http://www.duluthnewstribune.com/content/readers-view-financialism-permitted-greatest-theft-history

Ken Kollodge



Chris Christie

The current speculation on national news about whether New Jersey Governor Chris Christie must have known about the traffic disruptions on the George Washington Bridge is absurd.  The media and all other political foes “pilling on” Gov. Christie admit they have no evidence to show that he was linked to the traffic disruption. They simply assume that he did know or participate in the bridge slow down for political gain, because they “can’t believe” Gov. Christie couldn’t have known!

The absence of evidence is never evidence for anything whatsoever!

Black Monday

Many know about Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving when it is said the Christmas shopping season gets started.  There are even some retail stores that on Black Friday get into the “black,” in other words, become profitable for the first time in a particularly lean year.

Some may have heard of, or maybe even a few were around already on Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929, when the big stock market crash occurred on Wall Street in New York.

But today is Black Monday,  December 23, 2013, the 100th anniversary, to the day, when one of the greatest tragedies of all time occurred.  One hundred years ago today, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.  This Act pretends to change our Constitution without actually amending it.  The Act purports to allow congress to ignore its constitutionally mandated duty to create our money and regulate its value.  Congress instead has illegitimately handed over this government function to a secret cartel of large private banks coming to be known as the Federal Reserve Bank, “the Fed” for short.

It is said that shortly before he died, President Wilson, referring to his signing this act into law, bemoaned that he had “unwittingly ruined his country.” Little did he know how far short his assessment was.

As a result of the exploitative activities of the Fed,  the United States is said to have accumulated close to a 17 trillion dollar national debt, money that has been borrowed in your and my name.  Make no mistake, this debt is yours and mine.  Figuring 315 million in the country, this calculates to almost a $54,000 debt for each of us.  And even if the government was shut down and all federal government spending was therefore stopped, that debt would not be reduced by a nickel, but would continue to grow because of the accumulating interest.

In this past century, the amount of money needed to buy equivalent goods and services has grown in some cases 100 times.  I didn’t say 100% more, I’m saying 100 times as much money is needed.   For example across the country the price of a loaf of bread was right around 5¢ in 1913.  Good quality bread from local bakeries can go for $5 – 6.00 a loaf today.  The cost of a Model – T Ford in 1913 was $550.  I just checked a local Ford dealer’s web site and I saw several Fords at over $55,000.

I am aware that there will be some that will come up with cockamamie explanations attempting to minimize what I’m trying to sound as an alert implying my concerns can be easily explained away.  Not so.

At this point, I don’t mind dropping a few names of those who came before me that understood the catastrophes caused by central banking systems like what we have.  Try, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin,  Andrew Jackson, our 7th president,  Abraham Lincoln, congressmen Wright Patman and our own Charles Lindberg Sr., Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and recently, congressman Ron Paul to name a few.  They all understood that banking systems like ours amount to nothing more than a concoction of well camouflaged ruses designed to transfer wealth from the hundreds of millions at the bottom into the pockets of those very few at the top.   Since 1913 at least four generations of us have been unceasingly brainwashed to believe that our banking system is not just the best available, but the only one possible, meaning, designed and sanctioned by god herself.

So, in just a few hours, I’ll be able to take off my black arm band of mourning commemorating this 100th anniversary of the greatest American tragedy.

Want to win a quick and easy $25,000?

Who wouldn’t want to win a quick and easy $25,000?  I certainly don’t know anyone.

What if someone posed the following game to you with an entry fee of $100 but with the prize of $25,000 if you win the game?  Here’s the basic proposition.

All the winner has to do is move 10 American quarters from one side of the table to the other.  Here are the basic rules of the game.

Divide an ordinary bare kitchen table in half with a strip of  masking tape.  On the left side of the table will be 10 American quarters, the only quarters that can be used in the game.  Across the tape on the right side of the table will be 3 empty small cereal bowls.  The task is to move the 10 quarters from the left side of the table into the 3 cereal bowls on the right side of the table.

You can play as long as you want and you can get others to help figure out how to win the game, but all additional players have to kick in their own $100 to play.

You can move any or all the 10 quarters back and forth across the tape line as often as you like in order to accomplish the final distribution of the quarters as you cruise toward the $25,000 prize.  Also, the quarters can be moved from one cereal bowl to another on the right side of the table in order to achieve the winning distribution.

The winner or winners, if more than one plays, must end up with one bowl on the right side with 5 quarters, one bowl with 2 quarters and another with 4 quarters from the original 10 quarters.   The arrangement of the bowls on the right side doesn’t make any difference as far as winning or loosing the game and, again, there’s no time limit or limit to the number of players.

It seems like a pretty straight forward game to me.  So, does anyone want to play and if not, why not?

There may be a few that are so uninterested in math that they might initially think, hey, count me in, I’ll play for that $25,000 prize if I’m only putting up $100 to play.  But most readers will instantly see that 5 plus 2 plus 4 equals eleven. My silly attempts to momentarily lull some into inattention by throwing in meaningless jargon about moving the quarters back and forth and having additional players probably didn’t work.  Most readers likely saw through my attempted ruse immediately.

The order of adding 5 and 4 and 2 is immaterial. What is important, however, is the mathematical impossibility of ending up with eleven quarters when you start with only ten.  And what does any of this have to do with our banking system and all the national, state and city debt, along with everyone’s own personal debt?  I thought you’d never ask.

Two truisms emerge out of our current banking system that no one can argue with:

1. At any specific time, there is always more money owed back than there is in the existing amount of money (known as the monetary supply).

2. The only procedure for increasing the monetary supply in our current banking system occurs when some entity or person takes out a loan (which is a debt) that generates an interest obligation that has to be paid back as well.

When a loan is “created” by a bank, only the principle is created and not the interest that  must be paid back. No one can prevail within these constraints. Very simply, it is not possible to “borrow” your way out of debt. But this specific issue pertaining to interest turns out to be only the easily-detected surface problem.  There’s a far deeper subterfuge.

Three Fraudulent Banking Activities that Create all our Debt:

I am aware of three basic fraudulent banking activities that are at the root of our economic woes, the ramifications of which result in the relentless lowering of the standard of living of virtually every citizen in every identifiable aspect of our society.

The fraudulent banking activities creating all our debt are:

1. Compound interest rather than simple interest on all loans

2. Fractional Reserve Banking (aka Fractional Reserve Lending) rather than Full Reserve Banking

3. The Federal Reserve Bank (the Fed)/ U.S Treasury scheme to pay for a large portion of government expenditures by “selling” bonds

(A bond is simply a debt contract (an IOU) with a face value, a stated period of time to maturity when it is redeemable, and an interest rate that it earns. All bonds, U.S. Treasury, state, municipal or whatever kind, represent a debt, money that was borrowed by whoever issued the bonds. This money has to be paid back to whoever lent the money in the first place by “buying” the bonds.) 

Let me tackle these frauds in reverse order starting with the Fed/U.S. Treasury bond and “creation of money” scheme.

3.  The Federal Reserve Bank (the Fed)/ U.S Treasury scheme to pay for a large portion of government expenditures by “selling” bonds.

The Treasury prints bonds and “sells” most of them to the Fed for re-sale to whoever wants to buy them.  These bonds are “bought” by the Fed and paid for with Federal Reserve Notes (just like the money in your pocket). The Fed has Treasury print this money and takes delivery of it only to return the same money back to the Treasury as payment for the bonds.

You might be asking yourself, “What did the Fed exchange for the money it got from Treasury in order to buy those bonds?”

The Fed gave nothing. Very simply, the money the Fed paid back to Treasury for the bonds it received from Treasury appeared magically “out of thin air.” In other words, that money was counterfeited.

In the final step of this scheme, Treasury takes this newly counterfeited money it just got back from the Fed as payment for the bonds, deposits it in accounts Treasury has set up in commercial banks and starts writing checks from these accounts for government expenditures.

In truth, there aren’t actually truck loads of bonds and money driving back and forth between the Fed and Treasury and commercial banks on transactions this large, it’s all handled with accounting entries displayed on computer screens. This storybook illustration, however, is helpful in mapping out and exposing this scheme.

Is this a shell-game or what? You and I have to pay back this debt (the bonds from Treasury that were “sold” to the Fed, then re-sold by the Fed to whoever) along with accumulated interest from which we receive no benefit whatsoever. So, is there a way out of this enslavement?  Yes, but I can think of only one way out.

Although I’ve never even taken one class in economics, I don’t consider myself to be a dunce.  But most important, I have not  been sufficiently brainwashed to believe that our current banking system is the best one and the only one possible and that it evolved out of the natural order of things, which more than a few in our country would interpret as meaning, “ordained by god herself.”

To start with, we need to follow our own Constitution where at Article I, Section 8, Clause 5, Congress is mandated to “coin (our) money, (and) regulate the Value thereof…”  Having our money supply being created by the Federal Reserve Bank and lesser banks, all of which are private companies unrelated to the Federal Government, was thought not to be a good idea by our founders over 200 years ago. And they were dead right!  I’ll get to the “lesser bank” money creation swindles in a bit.

Our government should print our money, declare it to be “legal tender” and (here’s the beauty of it) spend it directly in the American marketplace to buy from our US private enterprises the necessary goods and services for the welfare of our country.  By doing this, automatically there would be no additional debt that needs to be paid back and no accumulating interest on an amount borrowed.  At least one other country is doing something similar to this with success.

Just think of the benefits and new good paying jobs which could result from such things as: bridge and highway repairs, improving airports, railroad roadbeds, ports and all the supplies needed, and research attempting to eradicate catastrophic illnesses like cancer, diabetes and Parkinson’s. The list could go on for pages.

Best of all, my suggestion has nothing to do with Communism or Socialism.  The government would not end up owning everything, a state of affairs the banks are steadily moving toward.  We would just have a fair and constitutionally authorized method for the creation of our money that incurs no debt in the process.  There is no down side that I can see!

This change, back to sanity and fairness, as our founders envisioned, would not come about without a hitch or in one fell swoop overnight.

For instance, for awhile we could end up with two parallel paper currencies. Let’s call the new one “Americans” (or whatever). These bills would be printed and issued by our government and backed by the “Full Faith and Credit of the United States.” Under President Lincoln the government issued “Greenbacks” that were debt free and were spent directly into the marketplace for necessary goods and services.

The existing “Federal Reserve Notes” (like the money in your pocket) could be exchanged at any bank for the new currency, dollar for dollar with no time limit, but not vice-versa.  By law, these new “Americans” would have to be accepted in the marketplace for all goods and services and as payment for court-ordered judgements, taxes, fines or other debts.

When U.S. Treasury bonds matured and were redeemed, payment would be made with the new currency.  No more Federal Reserve Notes would ever be printed for any reason, particularly not for the purpose of “buying” Treasury Bonds.  The existing  Federal Reserve Notes would wear out physically and disappear eventually.  And for the icing on the cake, by printing our own money and spending it directly into the economy, none of which would be “borrowed,” there wouldn’t be a need for even one new Treasury Bond thrusting us further into debt.

Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and President Wilson signed it into law in December of that year setting the foundation for our current enslaving banking catastrophe.  Congress, and only congress, can present a new bill to our  President that nullifies this Federal Reserve Act. If our congressional delegation is representing you and me (the citizens who own this country) as they claim to, they will do this.

2.  Fractional Reserve Banking (aka Fractional Reserve Lending) rather than Full Reserve Banking 

When a bank makes a loan, they are required to have “on reserve” about 10% of the face value of that loan.  If you take out a $1,000 loan for example, a bank is required to have $100 “on reserve.”  So, where does the remaining $900 come from?  Is it the personal money in the banker’s pocket that he loans out to you or is it from the money others have on deposit at the bank?  No, neither.

The $900 is created by a bookkeeping entry in an account opened for you, then the $900 magically comes into existence at the time the bank hands you the check for the $1,000.  That $900 was “created” out of thin air, on the spot, read, counterfeited.  And you are expected to pay the bank back the $100 that existed in the first place, the $900 the bank counterfeited, which then becomes theirs when you pay the loan off, plus interest on both the $100 and the counterfeited $900 for the time you have the loan.  That’s an illustration of “fractional reserve banking” in a nutshell.

This Fractional Reserve Banking along with the U.S. Treasury/Fed bonding and money creation contrivance increases the supply of money available for purchases in the market place. But these deceptive bank maneuvers do not create an offsetting amount of new goods and services for purchase with this newly “created” money.

The disaster which results from this imbalance is that there is a continually escalating amount of money bidding for the same amount of goods and services and this, other than illegal corporate “price fixing” schemes, is the sole cause of price inflation.  It’s really as simple as that.  You and I end up paying more today for the same thing we bought yesterday.  Put another way, expanding the money supply with counterfeited money this way, causes the money in your pocket to be diluted and worth less today than it was yesterday.

Who benefits from this?  Certainly not you or me.  Well then who?  How about those who are doing the counterfeiting?  Well, duh!  Of course, that’s who benefits while my standard of living as well as yours is lowered as a consequence.

For example, money you set aside and planned to use to take the family on that vacation, promised for four years now, has to be used to pay for the heating oil because of price inflation on the heating oil and everything else.  You were running out of money and it was not an accident or because you were a spendthrift. Your standard of living was diminished and it was 100% predictable, as well as mathematically inescapable, and particularly distressing if you didn’t get a raise in the last three years and have little prospect of getting one in the next three years.

Those causing this by doing the counterfeiting don’t give a hoot whether you take your family on vacation or your family freezes to death. That’s an incontrovertible conclusion considering the millions of recent foreclosures that put families out on the street, a reprehensible, cruel, yet totally elective unconstitutional punishment which continues at an obscene rate today.

With “full reserve banking” rather than “fractional reserve banking,” this procedure of inflating the monetary supply (that is, lowering the value of the money in everyone’s pocket) is eliminated.  Why should any company and only one type of company (a bank) be allowed to purportedly “loan” out money that it doesn’t have when all that really amounts to is creating money out of thin air, that is, counterfeiting it, especially since this activity is contrary to our own U.S. Constitution?  What would happen to you if you were counterfeiting money and got caught?

For example, what “due process” were you given as your property (money) was relegated to losing its value on a daily basis by a deliberate swindle beyond your control?  As a citizen who is one of the owners of this country and guaranteed this 5th amendment protection in the Bill of Rights, you got no due process!  You just got your standard of living lowered and it’s already scheduled to continue tomorrow!

1. Compound interest rather than simple interest on all loans 

The final issue involves an examination of compound interest as opposed to simple interest. This is a “sleeper” issue that seems rather harmless because the devastation caused by this mathematical process starts out so slowly.

Consider the following situations.  Let’s take a $100,000 home loan for 30 years and figure how much you’d pay back in total using both 5% simple interest compared with 5% compound interest.  And let’s say the interest is accumulated yearly and you pay the debt off in one payment at the end of the 30 years.

At simple interest, 5% of $100,000 is $5,000 which times 30 years is $150,000.  This amount of interest plus the principle of $100,000 would result in a payoff of $250,000.

Changing from simple interest to compound interest illustrates egregious gouging.  A $100,000 loan at 5% compound interest accumulating yearly for 30 years and paid off  in one payment at the end, would require a payment of  about $432,000.****

That’s a far cry from the $250,000 needed for the same principle loan at simple interest.  That’s a difference in just 30 years of $182,000 in interest alone you’d have to pay back.  Just that interest difference is almost twice the amount of the principle of the loan you started with.

Those requiring compound interest on any loan – home, car, credit card, school loan or whatever kind, deserve public scorn and this practice needs to be made illegal immediately and nationwide.

I am confident that I have identified the main banking frauds that are enslaving all of us and ruining our country. The solutions proposed represent a basic framework and the details for an equitable implementation can easily be added.  All the nation needs to escape this oppression is sufficient courage, a little education about these banking frauds, and a sense of patriotism from a 2/3 majority in both the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate to get veto-proof legislation going to make the necessary changes.  All that’s needed is about 370 total incorruptible legislators – I’d say 300 in the House and 70 in the Senate.

Do those currently in the House of Representatives and Senate think they have something more important to fight for, more critical, more urgent to save their energies for than to introduce and vote for legislation to rid us of the pestilence of these banking frauds that are bringing America to its knees?  They already have the Constitution of the United States on their side!  How much advantage and validation do they need?

Out of the more than 300 million of us in the country, can’t we find those 370 righteous people who are willing to stand up and do the right thing?  At 71, do I have to throw my hat into the political arena hoping to get elected and save my country?

Or should I just crack a beer and pretend I don’t know of the fighting and sacrifices for tens of thousands of years by those before us, whose struggles eventually culminated in the crescendo of ethical/metaphysical enlightenment, summarized in our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution? Is it too late, and is America as we envision it with pride, already beyond recovery?

Think it over and give me your views.

****You can find a compound interest calculator at:


Hat’s off to the DNT

After 30 years in Alaska, in 2005 Kathy and I decided to re-locate to the “lower 48.”  We had a set of criteria for evaluating our choice that included, a strong university influence, clean air, abundant fresh water, some wilderness close by, a vibrant arts scene and a good community newspaper.

We looked the Oregon coast and Southwest over very closely and neither of us had much interest in the Twin Cities again even though Minneapolis was my home town.  We didn’t have all that much trouble finally deciding to move 1500 miles south in order to be “up north” in Duluth.

Just after settling in, we both thought the Duluth News Tribune was really a good paper for the size of the community.   But for awhile shortly thereafter, it seemed to slip substantially which was disappointing and irritating.

However, for what it’s worth, the paper seems to have rallied and is right up there again in my opinion.  Glad you’re back!

Internet Gun Sales

I can’t believe how many times I’ve read in print news media or heard on TV news programs or on the radio that expanded background checks are necessary to prevent  “internet gun sales” as though a person could buy a gun (that takes regular bullets) from some web site and have it shipped directly to himself.  Out in the open, that kind of transaction is nonexistent.  Let me repeat.  No one can legally do that today in the USA and no one ever could.

Yes, armed robberies are illegal yet there are some.  Burglaries are illegal yet they occur also.  I suppose there may be some “brown bag” gun sales from web sites where guns may be surreptitiously smuggled thru the mail directly to the end customer thereby avoiding a background check, but expanding the background check system will have a zero effect on this criminal activity.

It is bewildering how this myth ever got started about internet gun sales but I hope to never again have this fairy tale presented to me in newspapers or magazines or on the radio or TV.

Playing With Fire While Ignoring The Real Problems

Many in America seem to have a general disregard for law and order.  Most disturbing, however, is when our highest level public servants disregard fundamental provisions of the most important document ever written, our Constitution, (which they all swore to protect, preserve and defend prior to actually being installed in their jobs).

Too frequently it seems, the higher up the political or military ladder some are, the greater is their tendency to believe that the principles, ideas and legislative intent of provisions in our constitution don’t pertain to them.  They design cockamamie and elaborate explanations to convince the rest of us that their disregard is justified and for the good of the country.

Many of us know that cardinal provisions of the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th and 14th amendments have been dishonored and damaged by our leaders in the last 60 years, thereby unnecessarily and recklessly diminishing our country.

Almost all the “gun control” measures being proposed will start the dismantling of the 2nd amendment which I believe amounts to playing with fire.  If the 2nd amendment falls, I fear America might be done.  These proposed gun control measures will do nothing to ameliorate the real problems that are undeniably tied to and ignite violence in the country.

Specifically, the main problem resulting in despair and a sense of desperation prompting almost all the violence is debt.  Wide spread personal debt, most cities and states on the verge of bankruptcy along with our national debt of over 16 trillion dollars causes poverty, inadequate distribution of physical health care, meager mental health treatment opportunities, foreclosures, high unemployment, ballooning prison populations, anxiety and frustration giving rise to anger which manifests itself in violence.  And what is it that is causing this crushing debt destroying all aspects of our society?

Some of us know the answer to that as well.  There is only one fundamental cause and that is the unconstitutional Federal Reserve banking system, which by utilizing the three main frauds of fractional reserve lending, compound interest and the government debt bonding process results in the relentless transferring of virtually all wealth from the entrapped 99% at the bottom into the pockets of the less than 1% at the economic top of our society.  This leaves too many of us, along with government at all levels, broke.  Consequently, individually we are hampered in achieving our potential and government is rendered unable to perform necessary functions.

The term “shall not be infringed” in the second amendment means exactly that and simply cannot be fooled with frivolously or in some heat of passion fired by the recent abhorrent mass shootings which are very rare.  The literal interpretation along with the legislative intent of individual aspects of our constitution are not obscure and this most important document was designed to be difficult to modify.  If changed at all, changes can only occur in concert with the procedures prescribed in the constitution itself in Article V.

Most citizens either lost the knowledge or never knew that neither statutes, regulations nor executive orders purporting to substantially change basic notions, protections and rights in our constitution are invalid on their face.

Among other things, winning our revolutionary war resulted in the “Bill of Rights” specifically enacted and incorporated into our constitution to protect the citizens who own this country from government, not the other way around.

Finally, I know something of the frauds of our banking system along with alternatives which would force no one or any government jurisdiction into inescapable crushing debt as is now the case.  Only congress has the power to do the right thing and rescind the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 thereby starting the process of bringing our banking system in the USA back into compliance with our constitution.

In the past, I have offered to meet with any of our legislative contingent any time they are in Duluth to help get them up to speed on the mechanics and mathematically unavoidable outcomes of the enslaving frauds of our banking system and discuss some debt free and inflation free financing alternatives.  Our constitution mandates that congress alone shall “coin” our money, regulate its value and provide for the punishment of counterfeiting the securities and current coin of the United States and counterfeiting is precisely what our banking system is doing. My offer is still on the table and now expanded to include discussions about gun control and the 2nd amendment before our leaders do something ill-advised that could harm our country.

I encourage anyone to comment on, forward, copy or employ any portions of this post you find useful.

“Fiscal Cliff? – “Frying Pan or the Fire?”

“Fiscal Cliff” is a term that is mentioned with anxiety, maybe even with fear, by every news medium lately and many times every day.  For those not quite sure what “Fiscal Cliff” refers to, here’s a brief explanation of the two facets of this, so called, looming problem.

Because of laws already in place, we are told there are two alternatives.  Come January 1st, (A) the Bush tax cuts will end and everyone’s taxes are going to go up substantially.  Additionally, there will be massive cuts in government spending in all areas except possibly Social Security and Medicaid.

Alternative (B) is that no agreement is reached to modify any of the provisions of (A), the debt ceiling will need to be raised and the United States will borrow more money and increase our $16 trillion national debt in order to keep the government running.

If Congress and the President do nothing because they can’t come to some agreement close to January 1, 2013, America will be strapped with a dilemma, the customary explanation of which is: there are only two alternatives to choose from and both lead to undesirable consequences.  Think of it as the “frying pan or the fire.”  It doesn’t make much difference; you’re going to burn up with either choice you make.

Our Congressional members, award winning economists, industry CEO’s, and the well-groomed, silver-tongued talking heads on financial news programs all agree on the same two choices.  America must pick either: (A) or (B).  Since they are our “leaders” and the filters through which we are fed our information about these kinds of things, why would anyone question their seemingly scholarly conclusions?  Einstein tells us that imagination is more important than knowledge and his enlightenment about this is indispensable here.

The reason to question these people’s conclusions is because there is a third alternative.  Just turn the stove off!

The single overriding cause of our country’s debt and all the rest of our economic problems is our banking system itself.  It is structured to cause increasing debt both for our country, for our states, our municipalities and for us as individuals, and our current banking system is contradictory to the U.S. Constitution.  At Article I, Section 8, Clause 5, which has never been amended, Congress is mandated to create our money and regulate its value.  Congress has this duty, which cannot be assigned to the private corporation known as the Federal Reserve Bank (the Fed)!  And Congress has the legislative power to rescind the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 wherein Congress, almost a hundred years ago during a Christmas recess, purportedly transfered its duty to create our money to private banks. That has resulted in the grandest country-wide theft of all time and it continues..

When you allow a private corporation to create a nation’s money supply, it utilizes several well-camouflaged schemes to transfer the wealth of everyone below the very top into its own pockets.  The most egregious of these schemes or ruses include (1) compound interest, despised by virtually every major religion I know of, (2) fractional reserve lending, and the “grand daddy,” of them all, (3) our national debt bonding process wherein the Fed counterfeits the money they use to buy our nation’s bonds.  These bonds are debts that have been created on behalf of us citizens and we are responsible to pay these debts off even though we had no voice in choosing to incur these debts.

So, like turning the stove off, let’s just “turn the Fed off’!”  This third alternative includes eliminating the Fed (as we know it) and compelling Congress to create our money debt free, as our “founding fathers” envisioned when they mandated Congress’s Constitutional duties.  Then spend this money directly into the economy for the things governments are supposed to spend money on in order to promote the safety, well-being and opportunities so that all citizens can pursue their happiness to the best of their abilities.

I have become weary of the relentless campaign by the bankers to brainwash five generations now since 1913 into believing that not only is there only one possible banking system but that the one we are currently enslaved by legitimately evolved out of the natural order of things.

It is time that we demand that Congress rise to meet its duty by abolishing the Fed, then create the nation’s money supply and regulate its value.  Furthermore, there are no national strategic reasons nor are there any benefits to the citizens who own this country outright, ultimately as a result of winning our Revolutionary War, for the reprehensible practices of banks charging compound interest and engaging in fractional reserve lending.  These practices must be outlawed once and for all and immediately!

As I see it, there are only two possible reasons why congressional members will fail to stand united for these changes to our monetary system.  It is either out of ignorance or corruption, neither of which would seem to qualify anyone for Congress.

I’d be happy to discuss any of this with anyone in Congress, anytime, publicly or in private, if they have the courage.  Any takers?

Ken Kollodge

Duluth, Minnesota



Obamacare will bankrupt America?

The idea that Obamacare (Universal Health Care) will bankrupt the United States has been trumpeted recklessly, disingenuously or without a sufficient understanding of the issues by a tragically large portion of Americans.  This idea is absolute nonsense for at least two reasons.  The first reason is related to too many of us losing our moral compass and the second is related to a brainwashing of our citizens.

Our wars in Korea, Vietnam, two times in Iraq and in Afghanistan clearly indicate we have lost our moral compass.  All were elective wars, none ever included physical attacks on American soil by a foreign military unit and none were “declared” as is required by our Constitution.

Our Constitution at Article 1, Section 8, clause 11 states that Congress “shall” have power “To declare War,….”  It does not read “may” have power “To declare War,…”  We haven’t had a Constitutionally authorized war since World War II in the 1940’s.  But we have allowed tens of thousands of our best to die fighting on foreign soil since then and ten times that many of our own wounded.  We have killed many hundreds of thousands of citizens in those other countries and squandered trillions of dollars, much of which was borrowed money.  Yet we can’t afford Obamacare for our own citizens?  Who are the fools that are saying this or believe it?

This squandered money did nothing but fuel an increasingly lavish party for the military/industrial complex, the development of which President Eisenhower warned us about in 1960, as he left office after having served eight years.  We need to re-calibrate our moral compass, face up to the magnitude of our worldwide unjustifiable military aggression, pray to be forgiven for it, and redirect most of that military spending to benefiting our own citizens, including funding Obamacare.

The brainwashing of us all is the second reason for the proliferation of the idea that Obamacare will bankrupt America.  Please see “The Rule Book: Part 2” posted October 21, 2012, on this blog for a little stage-setting background.

Specifically, for the past several generations in America, there has been an escalating effort on the part of the bankers to seduce Americans to be comfortable in accepting that our Federal Reserve banking system is the only banking system possible and that it is the natural way of things. This would include accepting it’s enslaving outcome, that results from nothing more than a well-camouflaged set of schemes to transfer whatever wealth most of us at the bottom have, into the pockets of the few at the top.

We do not need to borrow money at interest to operate our government: a practice that has resulted in a $16 trillion national debt.  We have, as a country through the Constitutional mandate to Congress, the absolute authority to create our own money and spend it directly into the economy without borrowing a nickel.

Obamacare will bankrupt America?  No, not even close!  The Federal Reserve Bank itself has almost bankrupted America already.  The sooner we dissolve the Federal Reserve Bank, the better.

Ken Kollodge